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Navigating the DeFi Derivatives

Embark on a journey through the realms of DeFi. In this course, you'll unlock the secrets of advanced trading, learn the ins and outs of blockchain security, and explore the burgeoning world of NFTs.
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27 November 2023
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Course description
This course is part of a "Compendium of Decentralized Finances". The course will be delivered entirely online, allowing students to study remotely from anywhere in the world.
Students are required to have English language proficiency, as the course is conducted entirely in English.
Practical tutorials
Students should have a basic understanding of DeFi concepts and applications. It is recommended that students have completed:
Blockchain Technology Basics
Prof. Joanna Adams
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or have equivalent knowledge. Basic knowledge of programming is not required, but is beneficial.
Course of study
Fundamentals of Derivatives

This chapter provides a comprehensive look into the world of decentralized DeFi derivatives, spotlighting key platforms like DYDX, Synthetix, and Yield Protocol. It explains the transition from traditional financial to DeFi derivatives, which leverage blockchain technology for a transparent, trustless experience.

Video Lectures
Optional readings
Yield Protocol in Practice – Navigating Fixed-Rate DeFi Solutions

In this section, you will learn about the Yield Protocol, a DeFi platform that enables users to earn yields on cryptocurrency assets through lending and borrowing. You will explore how fyTokens offer a stable, predictable return, in contrast to the variable rates common in other DeFi platforms. Additionally, you will understand the role of yield curves in analyzing investment returns and how the protocol facilitates both lending and rate betting in the cryptocurrency market.

Video Lectures
Practical tutorials
A Comprehensive Guide to dYdX Operations

The chapter highlights the differences between dYdX and traditional derivatives, focusing on decentralization, perpetual contracts, and leverage options. You will also understand practical aspects, including setting up a dYdX wallet, using various order types, and the function of leverage in trading. Additionally, the role of 'keepers' in automating tasks like liquidation and the mechanics of lending, borrowing, flash loans, and perpetual futures on dYdX are also covered. This segment aims to provide a concise yet comprehensive understanding of the dYdX protocol in the DeFi ecosystem.

Video Lectures
Practical tutorials
Mint, Trade, Stake – A Deep Dive into the Functionalities of Synthetix

In this section, you will explore Synthetix's liquidity provision mechanism, where stakers offer funds to support synthetic assets, and understand key metrics like total trading fees and TVL. The course highlights the differences between Synthetix and traditional finance, emphasizing access, control, and transparency. You will also discover how to mint synths through collateralization, using SNX, and the incentives for providing liquidity. Additionally, you'll gain practical knowledge on using Synthetix, from setting up a wallet to collateralizing assets. This segment aims to provide a succinct yet comprehensive understanding of Synthetix and its unique position in the DeFi landscape.

Video Lectures
Practical tutorials
NFT Perpetual

In the last section, you will learn about perpetual futures in the context of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) through platforms like nftperp, Overlay, and Sujiko. These platforms collectively represent emerging opportunities in NFT perpetual trading within the DeFi space.

Video Lectures
Practical tutorials
End of the course

End of the course followed by a course glossary and a certification.

Course glossary
Please note that the University reserves the right to modify or cancel the course, as well as to revise the admission requirements or tuition fees, without prior notice.
Skills you will gain
Upon completion of this course, you will gain the following skills:
Understanding DeFi and blockchain technology fundamentals
Knowledge of Ethereum and Layer 2 solutions
Insight into liquidity provision and staking mechanisms
Implementing advanced order types in trading
Proficiency in using perpetual futures contracts
Leverage trading techniques in DeFi platforms
Recognizing and avoiding common DeFi scams
Risk management in
DeFi platforms
Secure management of digital wallets and assets
Admission requirements
You can enroll in the course after signing up for the STC Wallet.

There are no specific admission criteria regarding the level of education or professional experience.
However, each candidate must have English proficiency that allows free writing, listening, reading, and speaking communication. Furthermore, each candidate must have access to the Internet and fill out the required application form.
Student Requirements and Process:
Sign up to the STC Wallet.
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