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Guide to Decentralized Exchanges

This course delves into the complexities of DEXs and their comparative advantages over CEXs, the associated dangers, practical application, and in-depth understanding of well-known DEXs like Uniswap.
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Beginner to Intermediate
2 weeks
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23 October 2023
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Course description
This course is part of a "Compendium of Decentralized Finances".

The course will be delivered entirely online, allowing students to study remotely from anywhere in the world.
Students are required to have English language proficiency, as the course is conducted entirely in English.
Practical tutorials
Students should have a basic understanding of DeFi concepts and applications. It is recommended that students have completed:
Blockchain Technology Basics
Prof. Joanna Adams
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or have equivalent knowledge. Basic knowledge of programming is not required, but is beneficial.
Course of study
Introduction to DEXs

This chapter contrasts the utilities of DEXs and CEXs, outlining their respective advantages. It also examines a range of risks associated with DEXs, encompassing private and public key vulnerabilities, smart contract risks, liquidity concerns, centralization, network, and token risks. Additionally, the chapter provides insights into the Total Value Locked in DeFi and DeFi liquidity.

Written article
Optional readings
How to start using DEXs

This section delves into the distinction between private keys and seed phrases for wallet security. It guides users through the process of setting up wallets, including popular options like Metamask, Ledger, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, and custom paper wallets. By covering these topics, readers can make informed choices to safeguard their digital assets.

Written article
Practical tutorials
Order Book DEXs

This section explores both off-chain and on-chain order book systems. It discusses off-chain order books using examples like DyDx, rollups, and private Layer 2 solutions. Then, we discuss Automated Market Makers (AMMs), Uniswap, and liquidity aggregators. Lastly, we examine the features and functionalities of both on-chain and off-chain order book systems, providing a comprehensive view of their differences and benefits.

Written article
Practical tutorials
Automated Market Makers (AMMs)

This segment delves into AMMs, elucidating the roles of liquidity providers, exchange users, and protocols. It covers Impermanent loss, liquidity pools, asset types, and reward mechanisms while addressing explicit costs. Additionally, it contrasts distinctive AMM models like Uniswap V2 and V3 in a tabulated comparison, providing a comprehensive grasp of AMM dynamics.

Written article
Practical tutorials
Introduction to Uniswap

Uniswap is introduced as a paradigm of the Constant Product Market Maker, spotlighting the UNI token. It also outlines steps on employing Uniswap with Metamask, furnishing a step-by-step guides.

Written article
Practical tutorials
Uniswap guide

This section provides a comprehensive understanding of Uniswap's mechanisms. It covers essential processes like trade execution, liquidity addition, migration and removal, farming, flash swaps, and more. Additionally, it addresses potential challenges such as fake tokens, impermanent loss for liquidity providers, rug pools, sandwich attacks, phishing incidents, and other relevant issues.

Written article
Practical tutorials
Curve Finance

Curve Finance is introduced along with its operational mechanism, complemented by visual aids. The section provides step-by-step guidance, including screenshots, on using Curve. It highlights the Curve Token (CRV) and explores the distinctive liquidity pools on the platform. The concept of Curve Wars is explained, and the chapter concludes with instructions on initiating Yield Farming within the Curve Finance ecosystem.

Written article
Practical tutorials
Balancer + End Assessment

The Balancer is presented alongside a visual representation of its mechanics. The guide provides step-by-step instructions, accompanied by animations, on utilizing Balancer. The mechanics encompass swaps and various pool types, including Weighted Pools, Composable Stable Pools, Boosted Pools, Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools, Linear Pools, Managed Pools, and Protocol Pools. This section also covers aspects like pool configuration, deployment, and key features within the Balancer platform.

Practical tutorials
End assessment
Please note that the University reserves the right to modify or cancel the course, as well as to revise the admission requirements or tuition fees, without prior notice.
Skills you will gain
Upon completion of this course, you will gain the following skills:
Understanding the
mechanics of AMMs
Grasping the concept of impermanent loss
Crafting strategies for different pool types
Knowing the differences between DEXs and CEXs
Using off-chain and on-chain order books
Practical usage of Uniswap, Curve Finance and Balancer
Develop an awareness of potential risks and security threats
Gain insights into the
mechanics of DEXs
Practical knowledge about setting up wallets
Admission requirements
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There are no specific admission criteria regarding the level of education or professional experience.
However, each candidate must have English proficiency that allows free writing, listening, reading, and speaking communication. Furthermore, each candidate must have access to the Internet and fill out the required application form.
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