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Introduction to Financial Markets

This course unveils the intricate world of investing, from the historic evolution of stock exchanges to the complexities of market structures. Participants are guided through the intricacies of shares, forex, commodities, indices, and ETFs, laying a solid foundation for informed investment decisions.
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March 14, 2024
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Course description
"Introduction to the Financial Markets" is an in-depth course designed to equip participants with a comprehensive understanding of the investment landscape.

The course thoroughly investigates various investment vehicles such as shares, detailing their definition, the rights they confer to holders, and the factors influencing price changes. Forex trading essentials, the role of commodities, and the strategic importance of indices in the financial markets are examined.

Additionally, the course covers ETFs, providing insights into their operation, types, and market impact. Through this curriculum, participants will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the financial markets effectively, making strategic investment choices.
Students are required to have English language proficiency, as the course is conducted entirely in English.
Practical tutorials
Students should have a basic understanding of DeFi concepts and applications. It is recommended that students have completed:
Blockchain Technology Basics
Prof. Joanna Adams
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or have equivalent knowledge. Basic knowledge of programming is not required, but is beneficial.
Course of study
Explaining the essence of investing

The first chapter provides an insightful overview of how stock exchanges have evolved from their inception to their pivotal role in the modern financial landscape. It delves into the origins and historical development of exchanges, highlighting what makes them essential today and examines the distinguishing features of major stock exchanges across different regions.

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Market structures

This chapter introduces market structures, detailing their classification from perfect competition to monopolies. It explores how these structures influence market dynamics, from the ideal scenario of perfect competition through monopolistic competition and oligopoly, to the singular control of a monopoly, highlighting the unique characteristics and economic implications of each.

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This chapter explores the fundamentals of shares, delineating their definition, historical evolution, and the rights and responsibilities they confer to investors. It contrasts trading with investing from both consumer and corporate perspectives, examines the factors influencing share prices such as interest rates and market sentiment, and elucidates the process and rationale behind companies going public. Additionally, the chapter addresses the risks and costs associated with share ownership.

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Practical tutorials
The foreign exchange market (FOREX)

This section demystifies the world of Forex, providing a foundational understanding for beginners. It introduces key forex trading concepts such as currency pairs, base and quote currencies, and essential terms like PIPs and lots. The operational mechanisms of Forex trading, including the processes of buying and selling, the significance of spread, and the use of margin and leverage, are elucidated. The chapter further explores the driving forces behind Forex markets, such as the roles of central banks, the impact of global news, and the criticality of market sentiment. Practical trading strategies, including position taking, hedging, and speculation, are discussed. Additionally, the implications of Forex trading on taxation, along with a comprehensive overview of the associated risks and charges, are thoroughly examined, equipping readers with the knowledge needed to navigate the Forex market responsibly.

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Practical tutorials

This chapter introduces commodities as basic goods used in commerce, essential for the global economy, and categorizes them into hard (like metals and oil) and soft (such as agricultural products and livestock). It explains the factors influencing commodity prices, including supply and demand, geopolitical events, and currency fluctuations. The process of commodities trading is outlined, from opening an account to finding opportunities and managing trades. The chapter also reviews leading commodities trading platforms, comparing their features and services.

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Practical tutorials

This chapter demystifies the concept of indices, providing a foundational understanding of what indices are and how they function as benchmarks for tracking the performance of a specific set of stocks, reflecting overall market or sector health. It introduces prominent indices like the DJIA, NASDAQ100, DAX, FTSE100, and S&P 500, explaining their significance. The chapter further explores the relationship between commodity prices and certain indices, highlighting the advantages of using indices for market exposure and diversification. It concludes with practical guidance on beginning index trading, including the use of CFDs.

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Practical tutorials
Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

The last section of the course introduces ETFs. It delineates the key differences between ETFs and shares, emphasizing ETFs' ability to provide investors with broad market exposure versus shares' singular company focus. Various types of ETFs are explored, including physical (holding actual assets) and synthetic (using derivatives), alongside specialized ETFs like currency, stock index, sector, industry, geographic, leveraged, inverse/short, and commodity ETFs. The chapter also touches on the significance of assets under management (AUM) in determining an ETF's market impact and delves into the pricing mechanisms of ETFs, which are influenced by market supply and demand dynamics.

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Practical tutorials
End of the course + certificate

End of the course
Please note that the University reserves the right to modify or cancel the course, as well as to revise the admission requirements or tuition fees, without prior notice.
Skills you will gain
Upon completion of this course, you will gain the following skills:
Understanding the
mechanics of financial markets
Recognizing different maket structures
Fees and charges assosiated with financial markets
Knowledge of shares, forex, commodities and ETFs
Evaluating shares for investments
Leveraging opportunities across various asset classes
Understanding the risks of different investment types
Gain insights into the
mechanics of DEXs
Navigating and utilizing trading platforms
Admission requirements
You can enroll in the course after signing up for the STC Wallet.

There are no specific admission criteria regarding the level of education or professional experience.
However, each candidate must have English proficiency that allows free writing, listening, reading, and speaking communication. Furthermore, each candidate must have access to the Internet and fill out the required application form.
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